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We are glad to see you at the site The Old Belief Museum!

The main puprose of our site is to introduce to you spiritual and cultural values of Drevlepravoslavie (Ancient Ortodoxy) and values of the Drevlepravoslavnaya Pomorian Church above all.

The mainstream is specified by the title of the site - The Old Belief Museum. It is sorage of the Old Belief materials and documents, and provides a free opportunity to get acquinted with them to persons interested.

The interest
of society towards the Old Belief and activity of many Old Belief communities have resulted in a large quantity of devoted to the Old Belief sites appeared in Internet. Unfortunately some of them had brought to a stop or lowered its activity in recent years. Besides that not all sites have technical or other opportunity to keep a great volume of materials and documents. We have decided to improve the situation via the site determining as documents and materials depository, archive and database on all spheres of the Old Belief spiritual and cultural heritage. The idea of digital archive and virtual library creation has met with the support of the Office of the Minister for Population in Estonia that has made it possible to make own server and open The Old Belief Museum.

We have decided not to limit oneself in only documents and materials connected with the Old Belief of Estoni
a but we are also planning to place and have materials connected with the Old Belief of other regions and Pomorian and Old-Pomorian concords. We are not an isolated part of the Old Belief world and that is the reason. There are followers of Pomorian and Fedoseyan concords in Estonia. We maintain spiritual, friendly and relation contacts with Old Believers of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the European part of Russia throughout the history. Our site is open and gives an opportunity to place materials for persons interested in.

Servers technical devices allows us to create rather large database which can be extended via creating of new sections and subcategories. All
the data are loss protected. We will work on photo and video viewing, and a search ease improvement.

We invite all interested in to co-operation and materials stocking of our common The Old Belief Museum!

We are open to your proposals, comments, refrences, and materils at

If there are technical problems, format and materials characteristic qiestions you may address to

Best regards
Pavel Grigoryevich Varunin
The Union of the Old Believers Communities


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