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  Icing painting
The preceptor of Krasnye Gory (Kallaste) N. Kukin with the clergy.

The prceptor of Krasnye Gory. (Estonia).

The Fedoseyan Old Believer from the Small Kolki village.(Estonia).

The funeral of G. E. Frolov.

The choir of I. N. Zavoloko in Krasnye Gory. (Estonia).

The bell for the Chernoye community. (Estonia).

The worship house iconostasis in Rayushi. (Estonia).

The Kikita community in Estonia. 1930ties.

Building of the bell tower in Tartu.

The Fedoseyan Old Believers in Rayushi.

Preceptors of Estonia. 1958.

The Council of the Yuryev (Tartu) community.

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